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  • DinoDrops -
Brand new rewards were added to DinoDrops. The rewards now include tokens, money pouches, and a chance of donator guns. Continue to keep your eye out for the chat message when dinodrop event drops.
  • Recent issues on Lag-
We have had many reports on the current lag of the server. Our staff team understands that there is lag, however continue to spam in chat "lag" doesn't help us. The cause of the lag was the car-pvp style called "lining". Therefore, we have decided to remove it as a whole and just keep normal pvp.
  • Tokens -
You can now buy tokens on the donation store at (http://store.jurassic.network/). These tokens can be used to purchase various items ranging from access to certain guns or a rank even.

Future Updates for JurassicNetwork
  • New store system
  • Rankups
  • Better wanted level system
  • Reward System
  • Drug System
  • Advanced Gangs
King regards,
JurassicNetwork Staff Team
After a long awaited revamp of the server, we have finally released the server. JurassicGTA hit a record of 37 players upon a few days of release. We plan to continue to grow and keep the server up and running with continuous updates. As the server continues to bring in more players, we plan to give back to the server by having more dropparties and giving away donator ranks occasionally.​

Recent updates for JurassicNetwork

  • DinoDrops -
These are drops that are scattered around that map in which you can claim. You can right click the dragon eggs labeled "DinoDrops" in order receive earn many rewards. These rewards include various items such as money pouches, tokens, money and numerous guns.


  • Tokens/Tokenshop
Tokens can earned from drop parties, certain events hosted by staff members, boss drops, dinodrops as talked about above and finally you can purchase them from the store (http://store.jurassic.network). These tokens can be exchanged for various items in the tokenshop store.

- /tokens (displays the balance of tokens you currently have)
- /tokenshop (opens up a menu with all the avaliable items in the shop that can be exchanged for with


  • Daily/Monthly Rewards
There will be monthly and daily rewards when you log on the server. You will be greeted by a message and a command to claim your reward.
  • Auction Houses
We have had many complaints to force sell houses because the user has not been online for over 30 days. Therefore, we have decided to create a new idea called Auction House. If the house matches the requirements for a house to be force sold, it will then be put up for auction. Players can bid each other out for the house and the highest bidder will receive the house.
  • Cars
There has been an update with the cars plugin we currently have. You can now "line" people within cars which just means you can shoot each other when you are in cars. Allows for easier pvp and more skilled based now as well. Suggested guns to use in cars are now AK-47, miniguns, and M4s.

Coming soon....
  • Drugs/Drugshop
We will be adding drugs soon to the server that will give you various effects in minecraft when consumed. For example when you consume cocaine you will be given the speed effect for a certain amount of time. You can buy and sell the drugs from the server using the drugshop store. There will be a drug shop located somewhere in the map.


  • Voting
There will be voting added soon in which you can vote for rewards daily. These rewards can range from rare items all the way up to certain amounts of money. The top voter of every month will receive certain amount of credit that can be used to purchase anything in the store.
- /vote (will give you voting links which you can click and follow the instructions to receive rewards)

King regards,
JurassicNetwork Staff Team


Now that we have a new website, you should be expecting a lot more updates and changes in the near future. This website is to be used for the communication of the players, staff, and noobs about anything and everything. Most of you know that our network plans to start expanding in the near future, and with that in mind we will likely need more staff to help moderate the server. If you are interested go ahead and start planning your application using the format found HERE.
When on the topic of staff, we would like to extend a warm greeting to our Network's newest admin; Tyvsteve. Now that we have an admin for our Network LagClear can continue to work and grow the server without any worries about its playerbase.

Enjoy your stay,


JurassicNetwork's Staff Team